We live on times where softness needs us & we need its essence to run our lives.

When I feel this World I am thankful for the moments of nature reflecting its mercy & applying it with beauty. Nature has mercy for the hard winter & thus lets spring to take place.

Isn’t spring a reflection of grace & softness ?

Look at the flowers blooming & parfuming this planet. Feel the playful light of the sun giggling on your skin. Notice the smiles on people for the arrival of more light.

Still the World goes on. Still we may take spring as just spring . Still we may keep on hardening ourselves so highly that we may take pride on that.

Most of us have been hardwired for living the tough life.

” To be tough is to be strong “. ” To be soft is to be weak”. That was my childhood message.

I grow up thinking that life is hard & you have to fight like hell to be happy & succesful.

Now that  I am awakening to life I realize that the challenge to live as a wholesome being  is not the hardness but the allowance of the cyclical softness. We have armored ourselves so tightly that in order to live with foundation , through these times, we need the armor to be pierced. Ironically the warrior/ ess needs to stop fighting the resistance & stop opening to life.

We need to develop the ability to see on us when we harden ourselves.

*Am I being very tough with my body ?

*Am I being very tough with my emotions ?

*Am I being very tough with my thoughts?

We need to develop the ability to see on us when we put our hardness on others.

*Am I being too controlling on my life ?

*Am I projecting my expectations on others?

*Am I unwilling to forgive ?

Imagine if we were all a little more gentle with ourselves & others. A little bit more forgiving. A little bit more brave to share our shadows . A little less tough with our minds. A little less demanding towards what others have to do to create better.

Wouldn’t this be applying softness in to moment? Wouldn’t this be an act of pro-activity for change?

I can teach about peace, love, forgiveness & connection. Yet, if I don’t do this with myself ….what are the points of these teachings?

I let the questions with space for personal reflection & I keep coming back to this spring which grows strong & beautiful through forgiveness.




What else is there?

To my sister & to my mother. To all the brave souls who are hungry for this World.

Here I am: seating in a old wooden restaurant chair & looking at this clear turquoise sea as I am drinking a cranberry juice.

I could be here for hours. Without getting bored. This is just so right & fulfilling. So magical, peaceful & meaningful.

Yes, I do feel the outer noises inside & outside this island. I can feel the cheekiness of my shadows trying to take part in this play. I can feel how the World also trembles somewhere else. And I can feel how ,despite of the shown beauty, there are dreadlocks of suffering which are in our destiny to wear.

So back to where I am: it all started when I was little. And I was playing with my sister to captains & pirates, to treasure hunters , to old ladies traveling around the World in a cruise ship ( making ourselves important smoking from toothsticks). I guess we inherited this from our mum. She always wanted to see the World, to become an artist & to live somewhere else.

She got somewhere in the middle. She got to Barcelona from a little village close to south of Spain. Eventually she met my father & the rest is part of another story. She did, though, learn to play the piano & sing. And eventually she became part of a choir.

Thank you mother for giving us space to question: ” What else is there”?

It took us years, cries & loads of heart reassurances to leave our hometown. Where the voices you mostly hear are voices of considering very limited possibilities of engaging in a prosperous life.

We dropped the self-assurance of a 9to5 job in my fathers secure company. We dropped so many other things that people will call us crazy. ” Why do you want to leave”? ” Are you ready to suffer”? Abroad, outside, unrooted, without a family shelter.

They did not know that our suffering was meant to stop by leaving. And our ❤️knew. Despite the odds & the drops. Despite the going against the current of ” what this society tells us to do for a living”.

We have traveled. We do travel. We do live in foreign countries.

For us, this has been a unique way to find ourselves. Paradoxically ,to find ourselves home away from home. To restrengthen the heart by a distance needed. To learn to accept our deepest fears & darkness. And to keep loving ourselves  for who we are. For what this world is. 

Choosing to see the World with curious eyes & following the beauty of the heart has been & is my healing.

My way to find inspiration, acceptance & possibility of building lives that are nurturing & worth the story telling.

When I see how this World is made so differently by us & by nature, I feel that I am part of something big & amazing.

I feel that despite being so different. We are so equal.

And we are all looking for the same within this big mamma earth uterus.

Love,acceptance & diminishing the suffering.

And if we can find more of this just seeing more of what is there already, would that help us to embrace ourselves better?

I raise my cranberry glass for you brothers & sisters , whom your ❤️is hungry for this World’s beauty, & I let the sea gently whisper in my ear that there will always be ” somewhere only we know”.



Dear 2016,

I want you to kiss me. I want us to kiss & engage in the sweetest, most delicious & ever lasting -full of passion- kiss ever.

I don´t ask you for a plan. I ask you for 365 moments of playground where I can savour your experience.Like the time lasts forever. Like the time isn´t able to stop until the seconds are wasted through joy & creativity.

How would it feel, 2016, like you were never supposed to end? How would you feel like holding us living everyday as a entire life ? And putting our entire life throughout every one of your days?

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 16.41.56

Imagine us. In your own womb. No worrying about working for summer holidays to arrive. O planning year ahead weddings. Or living throughout the anxiety of the moments where we become unstoppable machines of doing.

Imagine us. Free from living ahead on time. Engaged to the artistic playground of this life. Living everyday as a holiday. Enjoying expressions of love we are able to express. Because this is easy, right? Can we love more ourselves? Can we love more nature? Can we love more our bodies & how our bodies engage with each other? Can we love more the little performances that pull us throughout everyday life-I mean like eating the food, smiling at each other, holding hands & getting wrapped through infinite hugs?

I want to thank you for your holding. For the time given. For the space offered.

I want you to know that I will kiss you everyday. Even though the tastes may be different. Sour, bitter, sweet,,,,& maybe salty. I will care less about the flavour tasted & more about the daring.

My letter hasn´t got big to do lists or expectations. Is more a letter of essences & ethereal happenings. I even don´t want to promise because I am learning. And as I am learning I still stumble . And  I loose the promise on the way.

But I want to share this today´s intention with you. And the little & least I can say is that this intention is real.

This intention is heart based & body felt.

And what else do I need to start living through your 365 moments of ever lasting kisses?






Even though we may ever hear that the practice of yoga makes us flying ponies on the skies , I must say this is only partial truth.

The practice of yoga (= practice of life ) it takes us to funny bridges which we are invited to walk by & feel the experience in our own bodies, hearts & minds. Sometimes these experiences are pleasant & comfortable; sometimes these experiences are hard like he**.

This is it. In order to get through these platforms we are invited to observe & notice what is heavy in our backpacks and what we can let go so we can feel lighter & empowered to continue our own adventure in life.To have a real practice in our walking is to invite & be open to everything is there yet to be felt.

Sometimes we are encountering sensations that are familiar to us; sometimes not.

Not everything we feel is “ real “ or part of our truth. Truth is expressed by the moment. And whatever it glides away from that moment becomes an spectrum that is asking for recognition. These spectrums come in so many different shades: blocks for the past, backpack’s overweight from others in our life ( we are insisting to carry with us ) & limitations which cannot help us anymore if we are willing to keep on walking & enjoying the ride.

Even though all these things may seem real & part of our identity, they are no more than obstructions towards allowing our truth to be expressed in an expansive way. A yoga practice which is pushing away these sensations , is not a whole yoga practice. A yoga practice which is lead in a way to invite the entire & the recognition & the compassion, is a yoga practice that takes guts & is real.

Yet, how do we know what is truth and what is not truth ?

Here is a SMALL MEDITATION for truth recognition:


Take a comfortable seating pose. Make your sitting bones wide & rooted to the earth. Allow that rooting to create a soft length through your spine. Notice the quality of space through your skull. From that space, allow your muscles to relax. Start breathing naturally & organically and find a rhythm of breathing that feels pleasant and calming.

Place your left hand on to your physical heart. Sense your heartbeats through your hand & sense the sensations in your body that the breath brings within you. Use your breath as your guide: to keep coming back to your center after every exhale.

Observe your mind and ask to yourself : how is my mind now ? Is it present ? Is it running through fluid thoughts ?

Let your mind be, as it is. Don´t go with the flow of the mind.

Use the breath again to come back to the now : the body, the heartbeats, the sensations received.

From this practice, ask internally to your heart : What is that you want to feel ? What is that it feels good for you today? What is the sensation for expression of truth?

Keep asking until you get an answer that feels truthful for you & allow that answer to be the intention for your practice .

Place your hands together in front of your heart and invite your intention to open and space for recognition , expression and liberation”.

When we set clear intentions through our practice we work with attention to listen not only to the physical but also the internal.

When we practice to be in the present moment we allow ourselves to notice what is part of us and what is not. What is part of our joyful heart & what feels heavy and brings uncomfortable sensations.

When we are invited to practice from love & compassion & outside the ego/ fear, we are supported to let go and express in any way it comes. We are respected through our individual practices and intentions. To keep walking through our bridges and allowing our backpacks to be opened and searched.

Even though that can be a bit scary and unpleasant, this is a place for growth and for keep encountering more bridges in our adventure in life and yoga.

I keep saying to myself that I am not alone, we are not alone.

Let´s keep crossing more bridges together.

Happy day.



Most of us know about ego, how much runs our lives through ups and downs and flatten hills of silky sands.

Ego, ego , ego….. who are you to bring so much influence within us? Who are you not to makes us open our lives to growth, knowing and direction?

Yes, we don´t need you & we do need you.

You are like the pain in the rear friend who is constantly reminding us how awful we look in our chosen clothes. Like the overprotective mamma who wants to exhaustively control the life of his/her child. Like the people in the world who tell us we are too much of a thing. Like the people in the world who tell us we are too little of a thing.

These are a reminder of you. And you, you, you little freaky thing use us to mirror that to each other.

Yet, some of us have the chance to understand who are you and how you work. Magically we find other people, wild collectives, breaking situations which takes us to go to the “ university of ego “, because this is the only way we can get over your both thorniness and control.

And finally when we get your catch, we understand that you are not that bad. You are just crying for recognition & help. You are just dying for us to embrace you and transform you in to something better.


Because once we do understand you & get you & put attention in to you, we can let you go.

And be, be, be. And be more of us and more of this life. And love the people more from an angle which does not echo jealousy or anger or horror.

I do now understand my friend who was just looking for some recognition of love. I do now understand my mamma who was just doing as much as she could.

I had to swallow you hardly through rejection and confusion.Therefore, I did turn you in to more love, growth and experience.

Now I get you & I let you go softly, blowing you a soft kiss for your traveling.

Until the next time , sweet contradiction.




I use my words to talk my walk and ,somehow, share my insights through my journey within life & yoga.

Today I would love to drop some encountering awareness through my stepping into yoga rooms with others. Teaching yoga has been, and is, a pure gift in to my life. Nevertheless, I am not taking for granted that I am teaching yoga & this is already cool. I keep questioning myself how can I do this in a way through I can explore all the edges within myself and thus  deliver real & wise content.

I have realized that there is not better wisdom than the one that resides at the center of my spiritual heart. There is not better wisdom to deliver than my own story & my own truth. Better said, there is not better wisdom than my authenticity. Yet, to accept this has been my challenge.

What it seems to be the easiest it has been my resistance. The acceptance of myself throughout all the corners of my existence & to let it take form in front of others.The easiest is to show the perfect I only teach books-copying other teachers characters-ego always happy with always happy life- I know how to perform all the asanas-I want to be liked by everybody.

And yes, I have been that. And yes, I still do that to hide behind the curtain & make myself very small. Nevertheless, I do accept my non perfection & humanity and let it be happen as I know I am on the journey ; because I know what is my choice and my intention. And my choice is to choose more of myself so I can let others do the same. Even though that may sound a egoistic choice this is what it has been the trigger for connection with others. If I stop myself being my authentic self , how am I going to lead others to do the same?


If I stop myself being the non perfect I teach what it really resonates to me and brings an authentic message- rolling on my unique character- non ego & human life that sometimes suck, sometimes is awesome- I don´t know how to perform all the asanas- I am aware I am not going to be liked by everybody,,,,,,,,,,,, how am I going to teach truth in the moment ?

Because this is what yoga is: truth in the moment. By us, me & others. Is me giving from myself and others receiving. Is others receiving from myself & giving back. Is authenticity given in both ways, received in both ways.

Is nectar of movement where we all bring our stories together, without barriers, teaching each other to thrive, live & love.

As I teach I keep delivering myself and leading others. As I teach, I teach to learn. To let others show their wisdom & inspire me to keep choosing more. Of this moment, of this life, of each other.

Thank you.




Celebrating this international yoga day makes me deep ,again, in to questioning what is yoga for me & how the real yoga happens as I live ( & not only teach).

Asana practice has happened to only be a tiny part of the whole entire world behind that. Through the bending and folding of my body I have found an internal opening and connection. I have found what happens when I am  willing to fully evolute in to life from my yoga practice.

I am understanding  to communicate with my heart and to listen. To let the mind be driven by the heart and the heart be driven by the mind. To let them be at once. And to be at peace with that.

I am allowing myself to be myself. To be shared  with others and with the planet. To let my shadows be seen and embraced. And to let others do the same.

I am not willing to teach and practice from a pedestal of perfection , hiding or pretension. I am willing to teach from a place where there is one ground to be with others. I am not wiling to be perfect , I am not willing to hide & I am not willing to pretend.

I am allowing myself to just be in an space where I don´t need to wait for the perfect journey to happen so I can tell.

I tell and I do allow the non perfect journey to become perfect and beauty. I want to reflect myself in others and allow others to reflect on myself.

I allow myself to crack open & grieve. Because I am experiencing that if there is  no grieving there is no openness to peace and joy.

I allow myself to be wild, crazy , goofy and silly. Because this is part of my true nature and I don´t want to push it away or hide it as I connect to others.

I don´t allow myself to be one being in and another being out. I am willing to be the whole me as I engage to  my students and with the world. Through words, through love and through intention.


As I am discovering and rediscovering myself in this journey, I am willing to carry on with this walking. I am willing to feel this union and never lose it. Heart, mind, spirit, others and us. Wholeness. I am willing to have any kind of revolutions to achieve eternal peace and joy. To create and recreate until there is nothing else to be found and thrown away.

And without willing to define just some moments of yoga, I let yoga be part of this journey. This journey of vastness, defeat and glory.

These journeys of lives and eternal existence.

You & I & Us. Like yoga, like life.

Love, love ,love