We live on times where softness needs us & we need its essence to run our lives.

When I feel this World I am thankful for the moments of nature reflecting its mercy & applying it with beauty. Nature has mercy for the hard winter & thus lets spring to take place.

Isn’t spring a reflection of grace & softness ?

Look at the flowers blooming & parfuming this planet. Feel the playful light of the sun giggling on your skin. Notice the smiles on people for the arrival of more light.

Still the World goes on. Still we may take spring as just spring . Still we may keep on hardening ourselves so highly that we may take pride on that.

Most of us have been hardwired for living the tough life.

” To be tough is to be strong “. ” To be soft is to be weak”. That was my childhood message.

I grow up thinking that life is hard & you have to fight like hell to be happy & succesful.

Now that  I am awakening to life I realize that the challenge to live as a wholesome being  is not the hardness but the allowance of the cyclical softness. We have armored ourselves so tightly that in order to live with foundation , through these times, we need the armor to be pierced. Ironically the warrior/ ess needs to stop fighting the resistance & stop opening to life.

We need to develop the ability to see on us when we harden ourselves.

*Am I being very tough with my body ?

*Am I being very tough with my emotions ?

*Am I being very tough with my thoughts?

We need to develop the ability to see on us when we put our hardness on others.

*Am I being too controlling on my life ?

*Am I projecting my expectations on others?

*Am I unwilling to forgive ?

Imagine if we were all a little more gentle with ourselves & others. A little bit more forgiving. A little bit more brave to share our shadows . A little less tough with our minds. A little less demanding towards what others have to do to create better.

Wouldn’t this be applying softness in to moment? Wouldn’t this be an act of pro-activity for change?

I can teach about peace, love, forgiveness & connection. Yet, if I don’t do this with myself ….what are the points of these teachings?

I let the questions with space for personal reflection & I keep coming back to this spring which grows strong & beautiful through forgiveness.




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